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New Unified Communications Technology increases mobility for uses as well as connectivity. New Plantronics wireless headset systems have built in multi-connectivity features enabling users to connect to their desk phone, personal computer and Bluetooth cell phone. Connecting to smartphones is Plantronics top priority and with the new Savi wireless office headsets, consumers now have the ability to use a single cordless headset throughout their work day.

This breakthrough technology was introduced to consumers just a few months back and Plantronics is already exceeding expectations. One of the more popular wireless telephone headset systems is the Plantronics W740 which connects to all of your communication devices. Comfort is key and with the Plantronics W740 a convertible design includes three different wearing styles.

Consumers have the choice to wear the telephone headset over the ear, behind the neck and over the head which is ideal for users that share headsets in the contact center. What is really intriguing about the new Plantronics Savi wireless office headsets is the increased roaming distance of up to 350 feet. A 350 foot roaming range increases mobility in the office or call center allowing users to be more productive by multi-tasking.

Plantronics also released a new line of cordless headsets specifically for your desk phone with the new CS500 series. The Plantronics CS540 wireless telephone headset replaced the popular CS55 which was Plantronics best selling telephone headsets for quite sometime. With such big shoes to fill the Plantronics CS540 over delivered with built in noise canceling technology and an increased mobile range of over 300 feet.

The CS540 Plantronics headsets also includes multiple wearing styles with over the head and over the ear designs. Consumers can complete their hands free experience with the Plantronics Hl10 lifter enabling remote answering while away from their desk. Most find that remote answering is required when using a wireless headset otherwise users would have to physically pick up the receiver at their desk. Technology is changing ever so fast and Plantronics continues to deliver the highest in hands free telecommunications. One thing is for sure that Plantronics will continue to over deliver to the public by introducing new technology and features never before seen on the market.

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