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A rechargeable Bluetooth tracker with a long-lasting battery that keeps you from losing your valuables with help of a smartphone app. Keyper is a lightweight, high quality and affordable product. We believe everyone should have the Keyper as it will keep everyone connected to our cherished valuables.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

This feature really makes this product the most reliable compared to similar products in the market. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, you can be sure you will never run out of power. A single charge would last between 6-12 months. More importantly, with the rechargeable battery you never have to worry about the replacement procedure or carrying a spare. Keyper comes with a standard micro USB charging port as used in many smartphones.

Latest Bluetooth Technology

With the latest Bluetooth technology incorporated, this friendly device is compatible with all latest smartphones and tablets. This product will help prevent you from losing any of your valuables again. We believe this will keep us comfortable as there will be less of a need to constantly monitoring our valuables, especially knowing that it will alert you when you move away from its range, or when it moves away from you (when two way tracking is enabled).

Specific Features

Single tap on the app enables to locate your lost keys or other valuables.Keep track of your pet using GPS map position.Locate your purses/bags.Enable two-way tracker alarms, so whenever both smartphone and Keyper tracker go out of range both start reminder beep sound.

Locate your phone with press of a button on the tracker. Locate the position of your car with app maps showing GPS position. Take a group photo or video with Keyper controlling your phone camera. Attend phone calls with press of a button on the Keyper.

Stylish magnetic micro USB charging cables

We are offering stylish magnetic USB cable for charging the ChipStore Keyper. This is the standard Micro USB port cable with magnet, and it can be stored in small spaces, can be kept in the pocket easily, or stored in handbags. It can also recharge your phones/devices, which have standard micro USB ports (e.g., Samsung smartphone, LG, Motorola and most tablets in the market).

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