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The Beats Studio Wireless is a right relaxed over-the-ear wireless headphone that compromises outstanding sound designed for a Bluetooth headphone besides features active noise-canceling technology. The headphones fold up into a extra compact form factor then battery life is covered at 12 hours of wireless listening. They also functioned well as a wireless headset for making cell-phone calls.

Luxurious; if the integrated rechargeable battery passes away, the music dies.The Lowest Line While it’ll rate you a hefty $380, the Beats Studio Wireless is an outstanding wireless Bluetooth headphone.

It’s calm to complicate the Beats Studio (2013) headphones with the corporation’s Studio Wireless over-the-ear headphones. That’s since the two headphones aspect closely identical; the big change being the later model comprises not merely active noise-canceling then Bluetooth technology, which permits for wireless streaming from a few Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Equally these headphones are based on an innovative “re-imagined” design of the original, uber-popular Studio, which didn’t influence audiophiles besides had other liabilities. These fresh models are lighter besides built extra sturdily. They also boast easier earcups then appear very relaxed (I identify people who run in them), present a cozy fit and a justly tight seal deprived of sensation too tight.

I verified Studio Wireless for numerous weeks besides came away actually liking it. Soundwise, it measures up to numerous of the top Bluetooth headphones, then it’s a large upgrade above the older on-ear Wireless in each way.

Design and Features

The Studio Wireless derives in six colors white, blue, red, titanium, besides black (matte or else glossy) — plus is improved constructed than the unique Beats Studio. For what its value, I like the aspect of the the matte black plus blue models greatest.

Though these are best headphones, they are made generally of plastic, and then their finishes help them look a little extra glamorous than the original Studios. The glossy models do entice fingerprints, which is why the headphones come by a small cloth for buffing them (the buff cloth is currently becoming a common accessory for this kind of high-end plastic headphone).

Similar the standard Studio (2013), this model has no “visible” screws, which is decent, since those minute slight screws on the headband of the original had a custom of removing themselves then falling out. Though, when you break the headphones down they fold up to fit in a pleasant carrying case — you’ll notice Torx screws on the links on all sideways of the headband. That combined does have some metal in it and snaps kindly into room once you unfold the headphones.

Outside that carrying case, you catch a little other extra, with equally a straight cord for wired listening besides one that integrates an Apple-friendly remote then microphone for cell-phone calls.Inappropriately, the cords arisen in red for all models, so there’s a slight bit of color clash when, say, you get the blue model plus end up with a red cord. For $379.95, you should possibly get cords that match the color of the headphones. Immobile, these are wireless headphones, besides the massive popular of people will stow away those further cords (excluding maybe the USB cable) plus not ever use them, so color won’t substance too abundant. Though, it is worth noticing that the headphone’ internal battery has to have certain charge for the headphones to work, wireless or else wired.

To power the Bluetooth plus noise-cancellation circuitry, there’s an integrated rechargeable lithium battery that you extract up via a Micro-USB linking (a cable is included — once more red). Battery life is valued at 12 hours of wireless listening besides 20 hours of wired listening. A five-light LED “battery fuel gauge” below the power button on the right earcup specifies how ample charge is left, besides if you have an iOS device, a minute battery gauge seems on your device next to the Bluetooth icon in the upper right of your screen (as it does with all Bluetooth audio devices).

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Like former stereo Bluetooth headphones, this model has a built-in microphone, and then I thought the Beats Wireless worked very well as a wireless headset for making cell phone calls. Callers said they could hear me sensibly well, even when I was walking on the noisy streets of New York City on a justly blustery day.

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